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Wednesday, 7 October 2020

NBA 2K21 Details Gameplay Changes For Upcoming PS5, Xbox Series X, And Xbox Series S Versions

NBA 2K21 current gen 2

A new generation of consoles are basically here and, as usual, the annual sports titles will be one of the first titles out of the gate for them. While they are all cross-gen, as expected, it does seem at least NBA 2K21 will be going something of an extra mile. We've seen some next gen footage of the PS5 version, which looks probably better than many expected, but that isn't all. The next gen versions also have their own host of gameplay changes.

2K released a next gen courtside report, labeling it #1 implying more is to come. To be frank, there's a lot of changes here, far more than I imagine most expected, in regards to various aspect such as passing, dribbling and speed control. It seems the most significant change will come with how the game handles the Pro Stick controllers. With next gen consoles, you'll have far more shot arc control, and your stick speed now controls the arc of your jump shot. As it states, "slow flicks will give you extra high arcs, while fast flicks will make your shot flat," and you'll also be rewarded for making ideal shots. You can check out the full notes through here.

NBA 2K21 is available now for current gen consoles as well as PC, and you can read our take on those versions through here. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions will launch alongside all three systems.

Microsoft Teases About How To Change Your Xbox Series X From Vertical To Horizontal In Deleted Tweet

Xbox Series X

We are about to enter into a new generation consoles, and we're at a very interesting time in the industry where all three platform holders are sort of doing their own thing by and large. While Nintendo is way out there in their world, Microsoft and Sony are closer competitors, but still quite different as Sony continues on the more traditional path of hardware and software sales as Microsoft is beginning to transition to more explicitly software and subscription-based models. But you know, all habits tend to die hard, and sometimes a bit of that console war DNA peeks up its head.

Xbox UK posted a tweet on their official Twitter about how to swap your Xbox Series X from vertical to horizontal. Without context, this just seems to be random, but most interpret it as something of a jab at Sony's recent PS5 teardown, which you can see in full through here, in which it was revealed that in order to put the system horizontal you'll need to detach the stand (which is screwed in) and clip it on the system's back. The Series X, as you'll see below, is a lot simpler as you just lay it on its side. Perhaps the joke didn't quite land as I imagine many probably didn't get it, or maybe it was flooded with fans who took it just a tad too seriously, who knows. But the internet will never allow you to forget your shame.

The Xbox Series X and Series S is set to launch on November 10th while the PS5 will come a couple of days later on the 12th.

Xbox Series X horizontal

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Poses For Selfie In Latest Screenshot

marvel's spider-man miles morales

While Peter Parker will eternally be Spider-Man, the mask has actually fallen on a lot of different individuals over the years, and one has managed to stand out: Miles Morales. The character will get his own standalone title spinning off from Sony and Insomniac Game's take on the character, and will launch alongside the PS5 utilizing its new power and set of features. It also seems like they want to get the character a bit of a highlight for the theme of the month.

The official Twitter for Insomniac Games posted out a selfie of Miles Morales in-game to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month. It also doubles to show just how great the detail will be in this game, too, which is probably part of why the game's file size is what it is on PS5.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales will release on November 12th for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Alongside it will also be a remaster of the first game, which will only be available in the Ultimate Edition of Miles Morales.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Gameplay Showcases Playable Zelda, Runes and More

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity was featured on Nintendo's recent Treehouse Live with nearly about 24 minutes of gameplay showcased. It has more combat with Link, the world map and different weapons and armor that can be equipped. However, it also sees Urbosa and Zelda in action.

This marks the first time that Zelda is really playable in the franchise, though she's mostly relying on various Runes from the Sheikah Slate to get by. Runes can be used by other characters as well to stop enemies, bomb them and so on. Around the 22 minute mark, we also get to see more of young Impa and her abilities in battle.

It's interesting to look at the map as well which takes several notes from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild but smaller in size and scale. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is out on November 20th for the Nintendo Switch. It takes place 100 years before the Great Calamity as Link, the Champions, Zelda, Impa and many other characters fight to stop it.

Mafia: Definitive Edition Free Update Adds Noir Mode, Custom HUD Options

mafia definitive edition

It's only been a few weeks since its release but Hangar 13's Mafia: Definitive Edition has received its first major update. This adds several new options for customizing one's HUD, switching to the new Minimal HUD and Noir Mode. Noir Mode is interesting because it provides a black-and-white look to the entire game, giving it an older cinematic touch.

Some of the custom HUD options include being able to turn off objective markers in the world, mini-map markers for enemies, mini-map GPS and more. There's also some new content for Free Ride mode, which adds a "couple new gameplay features" based on the vehicle one is driving and where. The update also addresses certain issues players add, like some cinematics showing a black screen.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is available now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Unlike other games' updated versions, this one is a full-fledged remake of the first Mafia. You can check out more details on what's new and different in our review here.

New Content

  • Custom HUD Options – Use these new options to customize the in-game HUD if, for example, you want to make your explorations of Lost Heaven feel less guided or take a particularly pleasing screenshot:
    – Switch the in-world main objective marker on/off.
    – Switch mini-map enemy markers on/off on all difficulty settings. (Previously enemy markers were always on outside of Classic Mode.)
    – Switch navigation features like turn-by-turn instructions and the mini-map GPS on/off.
  • Enable the new Minimal HUD mode to hide HUD elements including the mini-map, the speedometer, and objective text while playing.
  • Noir Mode – Enable Noir Mode to enjoy Mafia: Definitive Edition's gameplay and cinematics with a vintage black-and-white look. Noir Mode can be toggled on and off via the game options screen.
  • Free Ride Content – Now that you're off to the races and enjoying Free Ride mode, depending on which vehicle you're driving and where you're driving it, you might find one of a couple new gameplay features that we've added to the mode. We'll leave the specifics for you to discover and hope you fare well in Lost Heaven.

Watch Dogs: Legion Microtransactions Include Cosmetics, Operatives, Currency Packs

watch dogs legion

Several intriguing details about Watch Dogs: Legion have emerged over the past few days, including post-launch content plans. One thing that hasn't received too much attention is the game's microtransactions, which are officially detailed here. The premium currency is known as WD Credits and they can be used in the in-game premium store for several things.

For $1, you get 100 WD Credits to purchase cosmetics, a map for collectibles, ETO packs (which are the in-game currency) and special Operatives. You can also purchase bundles of WD Credits for discounts on the whole deal. As to the Operatives, they're described as having "unique personalities, outfits, masks and cosmetics to amp up your flair."

However, their weapons, traits and abilities "can be found on other Londoners around the city," as per Ubisoft. So you won't be gaining any gameplay advantages over other Operatives available in-game. It does potentially mean that you have to spend less time hunting for good selections of traits and weapons, which dulls the point of the experience. But we'll have to play the game to see for ourselves.

Watch Dogs: Legion is currently slated to release on October 29th for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Google Stadia. The Xbox One X/S versions arrive on November 10th. PS5 players can play it on November 12th.

Outriders Release Date to be Announced Tomorrow


People Can Fly and Square Enix's Outriders has caught a fair amount of flak in its pre-release period for being another looter shooter, but combined with the developers' insistence that this isn't a live service game and will be a full experience at launch, and the solid gameplay showings that we've been seeing for itOutriders is looking more and more interesting.

Soon, we'll also find out exactly when the game was releasing. A release date announce video has gone up on the game's official YouTube page, and it will premiere at 9 AM PT tomorrow. Originally due out in Summer, Outriders was already pushed back once to conincide with next-gen consoles' Holiday releases. Either that will be confirmed tomorrow, or the game will be delayed once again- which might just end up happening, if recent developments are anything to go by.

For now, all we know is Outriders is launching for PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia- we'll find out when tomorrow.

PS5 May Track Progress Towards Individual Trophies


Sony recently unveiled some major changes that will be made to PSN Trophies very soon, which will allow to both the PS4 and the upcoming PS5. But it seems that alongside that, they have some new next-gen specific Trophy features also lined up- and they may have accidentally spilled the beans on one of them a little prematurely.

Earlier today, in the update talking about the aforementioned changes to Trophies on the French PlayStation blog, a section of the update confirmed that on PS5, players will be able to track the progress you've made toward unlocking individual Trophies. Tracking progress for individual Trophies (or Achievements) is a feature that's been on Xbox for a while, so it's great that it's coming to PlayStation as well.

Of course, there's a catch- this passage was only on the French version of the update, and not long after it went up, the passage was remove (though you can still view a screencap of it below, courtesy of ResetEra).

Sony probably hadn't planned on announcing this just yet, but it seems it'll only be a matter of time before they go ahead and pull the trigger on this one. Stay tuned until then for more updates.

ps5 trophies progress tracking

PSN Trophy Levelling is Receiving an Overhaul


Sony have announced that they're making a significant change to the leveling system that goes hand-in-hand with Trophies earned on PlayStation games.

As announced via an update on the PlayStation blog, the biggest change is being made to the range of Trophy levels for a profile, which is being increased significantly. While earlier the range was for levels 1-100, it will now be for levels 1-999.

Along with that also comes a new system for calculating Trophy levels, which will now see your profile leveling up much more quickly. Each profile on the PS5 (and eventually on the PlayStation App) will also have Trophy level icons, which will vary based on these ranges:

  • Bronze: levels 1-299
  • Silver: levels 300 – 599
  • Gold: levels 600 – 998
  • Platinum: level 999

Sony also states that these icons will have "a subtle distinction to visually suggest how close you are to the next level."

Finally, as soon as this update kicks in, your Trophy level will be automatically remapped to fall within this new system, and will be calculated by how many Trophies you've earned.

The update will go live later today.

Destiny 2: Beyond Trailer Highlights New Exotic Weapons and Armor

Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Bungie teased players to see what lies beneath the ice in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. The answer: A whole bunch of Exotics. While old Exotics like No Time to Explain have returned, the expansion is chock-full of new Exotic armor and weapons that have some intriguing new effects. Check out the trailer below.

Said weapons include Cloudstrike, an Exotic sniper rifle which generates lightning bolts with precision kills. Rapidly killing targets with precision hits will create a storm. Lament is a new Exotic sword where blocking revs it and its attacks will cut through foes with barriers (with the ability to heal at its "peak"). And naturally, there's a new grenade launcher called Salvation's Grip whose projectiles create Stasis crystals to freeze nearby enemies.

No Time to Explain has also been changed to return bullets to the magazine with precision hits and shots against Stasis-affected enemies. Eventually, the effect can be stacked enough to create an alternate timeline version that will shot alongside you. The Exotic is available to those who purchase the expansion pack and Season 12, the Digital Deluxe Edition and the Collector's Edition – all Beyond Light owners have to wait till after Season 12 to get it.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is out on November 10th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PS4, PC, Google Stadia and Xbox One. For more details on gear that can be earned, head here.

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