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     Total War dev making a

A Creative Assembly Unreal Engine 5 game is in the works, according to a job listing, and it's in "a new franchise". This could be related to the space game the Total War studio has had in production for a while now, the developer's first FPS game since Alien Isolation.

Creative Assembly and SEGA have posted several job listings (thanks, SegmentNext) that confirm the developer is hiring for "a new project, as part of a new franchise". According to the description for a senior gameplay programmer position, the team will be making the new game "on top of Unreal Engine 5". This will be the first Creative Assembly game to use Epic's Unreal engine, in fact.

While this "new franchise" could be the new sci-fi FPS from the Alien Isolation team at Creative Assembly announced in 2018, previous job listings for the game clearly stated that the positions were to work on that title. Unless Creative Assembly is suddenly getting shy, this planned "first title in a major new franchise for the studio" could be something entirely different.

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     Rumour: EA is

An EA sale or merger is reportedly being sought by CEO Andrew Wilson, similar to the deal between Microsoft and Activision earlier this year that saw the Call of Duty publisher get acquired by Xbox's owners. Supposedly, EA is "persistent in pursuing" such a deal and has had talks with NBCUniversal, Disney, and Apple already.

EA has had some turbulent times in the last few years, for sure. The publisher recently lost the FIFA football licence after 20 years, and Battlefield 2042 saw its first season significantly delayed as the developer sought to stamp out its many bugs. Dragon Age 4 has gone through multiple changes and delays, and BioWare's most recent game Anthem was an expensive disaster.

Despite all this, EA's last financial year was still its best ever, with profits up 20% and net earnings totalling around $7.5bn USD/ £6bn GBP. According to a new report by Puck (via Kotaku), the veteran publisher is supposedly looking to follow Activision's example in seeking an acquisition deal, with EA mostly interested in "a merger arrangement that would allow Wilson to remain as chief executive of the combined company" - similar to the original Activision-Blizzard merger, in fact.

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